of winning

 The roots of Western culture, competitive culture of uk replica watches competition, especially concerned about the law of winning the house. They are not the same as Chinese culture, Chinese culture to promote hard and simple, hardworking and rich. Therefore, the Chinese culture pushed people and people, and people are good, peaceful development, self-improvement. Western culture, home robbery, conquering the city, do not care about their own happiness above the pain of others.

The United States saw the turmoil in Asia and Africa and did not get those places where capital and talent flowed into the United States. Thinking roots and discovering are closely related to the replica watches uk rise of China. Today’s America, we all say that the US national strength decay, but you look and who compared With the traditional economic powers, whether it is Russia, Japan, Germany, Britain and other countries, the United States a little bit of national strength are not attenuated, but stronger. But compared with China, the United States only to replica watches see weakness. China’s strong national strength, many countries, capital and talent have a choice, which is the United States to engage in Asian and African non-European capital is not the main reason to the United States. So, this year’s US defense white paper, the Chinese as the number one enemy in the United States.



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