Qaeda to

If it was not for Al Qaeda to mess up the United States, the Bush administration’s policy was to curb the rise of China, and the collapse of the twin towers in New York, China became a friend of the fake watches US “anti-terrorism”. Containment of China’s policy no longer exists. Just the Western countries full of “anti-terrorism” struggle, China’s full-time in economic development. In the rare honeymoon period, China’s physical manufacturing industry in the world’s manufacturing share in the rapid expansion of the fame, and further expanded China’s reputation and share. The solid economy of the western countries was further hollowed out, which laid the foundation for the arrival of the US financial crisis in the 1980s. But also for the future after World War II Yalta system once again drifting rivets.
The United States to lay Afghanistan and Syria, out of selfishness, in these two places a lot of troops. As everyone knows, the country is big, forget the war will be dangerous; country is swiss replica watches strong, militant will die. “Sun Tzu Bingfa,” said: “The war also, your victory, for a long time the blunt soldiers setback, the siege is the force, long storm division is less than the country.” Coupled with the US real economy hollow. By 2008, the US economy because of the “two-room bond” fermentation, the outbreak of the financial crisis, further financial and real economy impact, into an economic crisis, and spread to the world. The economy of the replica watch world. Forming a global economic crisis.



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