In the traditional Chinese culture, the Confucius and Mencius Road has the greatest influence on people’s thinking and behavior. Although some positive factors to maintain social stability are the main factors that are the replica watches servants of the emperor, Confucius Mencius was born down the nobility, from an early age to accept the poor taste, with many heart to get rich ideas, poor way of thinking. Confucius and Mencius always advocate hard reading, fantasy through reading to change their own destiny of poverty. Therefore, the fundamental purpose of swiss replica watches their reading is to do “human superior”, to become a member of the nobility. They always firmly believe that: “the book has its own gold house, the book of its own beautiful jade.” The fundamental purpose of reading is to make a fortune, rich and beautiful for pleasure. Want to be an official, want to make a fortune, it can only give the emperor when the slave. When the good slave before they can change the poor life. Can be seen that they advocate the “righteousness of the letter”, “Wenliang Gongjian let”, in fact, just trying to get rich fortune means. Once the rise of the replica watches uk official fortune, who also “benevolence and morality” on the heart? It is common practice to kill people and kill people.

This dregs of cultural harm, not only affect the general reading, but also a lasting impact on the whole society. It is not only to the broad masses of the rich and easy to bring the financial fantasy, let the poor life and the efforts of the future generations, all sustenance in the study, promotion, fortune this chain.



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