bundling strategy

Economic bundling strategy, no formal name, grassroots Chen Jinsong so named, its content is based on nearly two decades of Sino-US economic behavior summarized two.

Economic bundling strategy, that is, through the continuous development of economic exchanges between countries, the formation of  replica watches frequent, huge trade between the country, and ultimately reach the country between the economic complementarity, dependence, and even a certain degree of integration – that ” You have me, I have you “- the situation in order to achieve the political interests of the bundling effect, in order to achieve a certain purpose.

The principle of economic bundling strategy is: politics is to serve the interests of the interests of the embodiment of the carrier is the economy, so the  replica watches uk inter-state economic and trade links more closely, complementarity, dependence, the higher the integration, mutual political influence The greater the political and military side of the more hostile acts, the more mutually beneficial behavior – that is, economic interests determine political behavior.

The strategy of economic bundling is the concrete application of the national strength structure prism theory. Divided into two types: interdependent economic bundling strategy, unilateral dependent economic bundling strategy

Interdependent economic bundling strategy, that is, between the two countries, in the economic and trade, each other has produced a strong complementarity, dependency, so that one party is intended to take significant action on the  swiss replica watches other side, had to consider in the economy The loss is greater, whether it is unable to bear, whether or not to be lost, including the desire to launch hostile acts, and may bring significant benefits to each other when it is difficult to block;

China is a successful innovator of an interdependent economy.



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