more poor

Practice shows that the more poor people, or relatively poor people, the more like holding high the “rich and poor” and “common prosperity” under the banner, the more like shouting all kinds of fake watches rebellious slogans. However, today, after many times the revolution, why the vast majority of workers in the world have been indifferent to the workers, no longer respond positively? The reason is that the poor thought of this poor once realized, once the “destroy the bourgeoisie”, in fact, from another aspect to uk replica watches deprive the hardworking, hardworking are unfair and unjust. For example, many public economic systems that have been tried at this stage of socialism, many unconditional free education, free medical care, free distribution of housing, free old-age security and the average distribution of consumer goods, the emergence of a general situation of poverty, A large number of lazy poor people, which both increased the burden of hardworking workers, but also to the hardworking relatively less income. And some lazy poor people do not need to work through good, but still able to live a “well-off society’s well-off life”! It can be seen that this so-called “common prosperity”, just in the invisibility of the lazy ruffian, but let the industrious who lost the reward should be paid, and need to endure the hearts of extremely distress – often be lazy riders ruthless ridicule The

So, at this stage, the true letter of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, really want to do socialism, it must not be one-sided advocacy of abstract “common prosperity”, can not only create billionaires, polarization, and let a variety of lazy foolish People who do not create the fruits of labor on the basis of the same, and hardworking people can enjoy the real well-off life.

Practice has proved that only “deprivation of deprivation”, “no laborers may not eat”, vigorously advocate and reward hardworking, these three simultaneously, is the real scientific socialism. Only this kind of replica watches socialism has a strong vitality, only in line with the Marxist scientific principles. On the contrary, the three can not do the same, the poor people do not fundamentally change the already thought of poor ideas, poor habits, slaves, but also want to develop scientific socialism, it must still have a long way to go.



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