Thirdly, this year, the reason for the replica watches small increase in the size of foreign reserves is that 70% of China’s foreign reserves are holding US debt, and the rise in bond asset prices and the increase in rolex replica bond interest are the number of foreign banks in the hands of China’s central bank Pick up For example, the rise in China’s foreign exchange reserves in March was related to replica watches uk fluctuations in the valuation of bond asset prices and bond interest income. A simple estimate of the March US debt valuation increased by about 18.4 billion US dollars.

The face of cross-border capital outflows in China to reduce the number, and the recent increase in the number of foreign reserves slightly. The industry began to remind investors: “Once the yuan began to appreciate, the dollar began to enter a new weak dollar cycle, export enterprises should actively respond to good foreign currency exposure management.” However, I think, short-term storage Fall, does not mean that the RMB exchange rate will rebound for a long time. Cross-border capital outflow of the possibility is still great.



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