economic philosophy,

 Third, his liberal economic philosophy, and China will join forces against the United States anti-globalization, anti-free trade, anti-climate change position. According to the law of the United States and France an inverse correlation law: that France and the
Fourth, he will continue to maintain sanctions against Russia, France and Russia relations are still in a state of fake rolex opposition. This will not only help China to take the initiative in the face of Russia, but also make the French diplomacy can choose no room, and have to rely more on China.

Fourth, he pro-EU, support the euro’s position also made him bound to stand against the British opposite.

In other words, he came to power, the French diplomacy must be a comprehensive enemy. Although in the presidential candidate television debate, he proposed that “the real economic war is and China”, but was on the issue of relations between France and Germany by Le Pen forced by, may not be its real idea. In fact, an anti-American, anti-Russian, anti-British Mark Long can not be reversed at the same time.

We can imagine that when the German G20 was held in July, all the great powers would be actively demonstrating to China that the United Kingdom was isolated because of Europe, because the United States was opposed to the United States and its own plight, and France was opposed to China Of rolex replica watches all the great powers, Russia is because the face of the rolex replica European Union and the United States, the United States is because only a British supporter. China is the only country that has only friends (at least not opponents) without enemies. I also believe that the first visit to the non-European countries will be China – unless his political intelligence is a problem.



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