South Korea

They can think of China’s accession to the WTO will accelerate development, not only in the future will have the challenge of the replica watches uk strength of the United States, but also with Europe and Japan and South Korea and Australia and other allies of economic development, and the formation of economic interests in China bundled, so politically With the United States containment of swiss replica watches China’s power decline, cooperation with China’s power to rise; will become the Eurasian continent at both ends of the East, in the economy began to integrate, to the integration of the starting point, political and military will also begin to eliminate barriers. Eurasian continent’s volume will be far from comparable to the United States, which is equal to the direct sentence of the US hegemony of the death penalty.
In short, the loss of economic, military-level advantage of the United States, in the international political voice, naturally gradually lost past the scenery.
Economic, financial, military, political, and even science and technology to China’s accession to the WTO as a starting point, the US hegemony in the rolex replica future collapse will be comprehensive. But the United States has publicly stated that it will never do the second faith, will not sit still, how will the United States deal with it?




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