Second, Europe, China’s economic strength will go beyond the United States. Europe and Asia to the integration of the economy, the main economies of Europe, China’s economic development will bring substantial growth in Europe, China’s economic strength is immeasurable. Both of which, in the economy will be significantly beyond the volume of the United States, the overall economic scale of the Eurasian continent will also be far more than North America.
Third, dollar hegemony will be digested.
US dollar hegemony is not only for swiss replica watches China, Russia and other developing countries is a kind of exploitation, for Europe, Japan and other developed countries are also the same (see the previous chapter “a million dollar strategy”). Europe launched the euro, is to fight against the dollar. Therefore, for the replica watches digestion of dollar hegemony, the world has a common interest, can be combined together.
After the integration of the Eurasian continent economy, China, Russia and Europe can jointly seek the OPEC member countries, especially the Middle East countries, to accept foreign exchange in currencies other than US dollars, such as RMB, euro and so on. And can work together to seek the world’s other major commodities of the major exporting countries, to replica watches uk accept currencies other than the dollar, the commodity valuation transaction settlement. It is entirely possible to do the economic, military and political strength of China, Russia and Europe after the integration of Eurasia’s economy into the mainland.



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