We may be facing a revolutionary dawn, this revolution began in a new, marginal Internet economy. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), said that since the invention of replica watches steam engines, electricity and computers, people have welcomed the fourth industrial revolution – the digital revolution Block chain technology is the result of the fourth industrial revolution. Block chain as the next generation of trusted Internet, will subvert all the business on top of it, so that the entire Internet-based enterprises, ecology, industry chain to do a revolution in innovation. Ma once said: “Many people have not figured out what is the PC Internet, mobile Internet, we have not figured out when the mobile Internet, the big data era again.” Now, we can add a later : “People have not figured out what big data is and the block chain is coming.”

The block chain is essentially a decentralized distributed account database, which is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, and the swiss replica watches  bitcoin is a companion relationship. Block chain automation can reduce payment costs and reduce processing time, to the central open features will help the platform innovation, improve security. Financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Nasdaq and so are actively exploring the block chain in the financial sector applications, while vigorously laying the financial transaction clearing related chain chain technology company.

“The Wall Street Journal” will block the chain of technology as “500” since the financial sector the most important innovation. “William Gibson said:” The future has happened, but not yet popular. “I believe that the block chain technology to replica watches uk lead the next 5 to 10 years of computer and Internet development, we have vaguely heard the future of the future, by the block chain technology set off the revolutionary rolling wind and thunder.



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