reform is very clear

At present, China’s grain storage and storage of the external environment completely changed, on the one hand the international food prices in the doldrums, the world’s overall food surplus, and China’s domestic food prices are high, if you continue to implement a huge amount of grain purchase behavior, in fact, signal. Many experts have called for wheat and rice storage should also be fake watches the same as last year’s corn, the abolition of temporary collection of reserves, so that the market play a leading role in this hand to prevent the current one side of the national grain storage received high prices can not sell, On the one hand foreign cheap food through imports and smuggling into the domestic market, so that food prices to restore its true colors.

In fact, according to the law of the world’s grain reserves, a country’s grain reserves for the domestic market for three months on the amount of food can be, or that year’s food production of replica watches about 15%. At present, China’s grain storage and storage quantity is too large, but also some local countries purchasing and storage and processing enterprises to compete for the phenomenon. The grain storage itself has become a profit-making unit, losing its main function as a balanced national grain balance, and need to strengthen its public welfare responsibility.

The direction of reform is very clear, that is, to change the past, a large pattern of storage and storage, and vigorously encourage grain processing enterprises and farmers to store grain, of course, the country can put the past part of the high storage subsidies to support farmers and enterprises to replica watches uk build Library. Of course, after the streamlining of the country’s treasury, but also like some other state-owned enterprises to strengthen the responsibility of management and accountability, not because of the so-called grain reserves in the light under the black, the lack of supervision.



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