What is capitalization? Easy to understand that a family, near the non-school district housing prices more than N million to replica watches buy the school district, you can call the expenditure “capitalization” to buy the “assets”, those who buy school district and ” Use this N million to go to private schools “to do the contrast, just consider the money must be” consumption. ” To find out, the money spent on the general consumption as a general fee is gone, no longer belong to replica watches uk. And buy “assets”, the asset price may fall or may rise, the ups and downs are owned or bear.

7. Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hangzhou

Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hangzhou, A-share listed companies are up to five cities, together accounted for A share of 3,000 listed companies one-third. The total value of the five cities of the property, but also basically accounted for about one-third of the total value of China’s real estate.

Since 1992, the dollar-denominated, Beijing-Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hangzhou stores rose nearly 100 times, housing prices rose rolex replica  nearly 30 times. Since 1992, the dollar price level rose roughly 200% (the same period the dollar interest can basically offset the 200% price increases).



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