The government received a real estate tax is normal, the question is, the government should be levied by the proportion of fake watches property tax. If the residents income rose, prices continue to rise simultaneously, then the property tax rate did not increase. If the property prices doubled in a year or two, in essence, the property tax rate is doubled within a year or two. We can think so, in some small towns, the real estate price of two thousand yuan a square meter, the government almost did not levy property tax. In the tall first-tier cities, the house prices far more than its construction costs, it is equivalent to buy a house in order to obtain the relevant benefits to pay a large sum of property tax. If the rapid rise in house prices, is a substantial increase in the purchase of housing tax.

First-tier cities are not the lack of tax sources, for these cities, the price of investment and speculative power speculation was high above, this may not be the first line of the intention of the big city government. But if let speculation forces hype down, the real estate bubble blows bigger, there will be a day of destruction. If it is nice to say that because the price is entirely determined by the market forces, the first-tier cities are passively raising the property tax rate.

Fortunately, there are some places in China, the property tax rate is very fair. Chongqing is a municipality, but its price is not too much bubble, eight thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan a square meter unit price is not high. Listen to friends price Shao, Chongqing, the main city around the uk replica watches wall mountain area, you can buy Country Garden development of less than 4,000 yuan a square meter of fine decoration room.

In the south, when the Shenzhen housing prices over 60,000 yuan a square meter, Dongguan 20,000 yuan a square meter, Dongguan surrounding the characteristics of the town of new development of the district reached 17,000 yuan to 18,000 yuan a square meter, the author does not know those traditional industry practitioners can Affordable. Fortunately, Fujian’s richest county-level city of replica watches  Jinjiang City, the price of less than 7,000 yuan a square meter, more people can live and work, do not worry too much about the issue of mortgage. Of course, solemnly asked real estate groups do not destroy others had a happy and peaceful life.



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