the average annual

 Due to the particularity of the airfield market and the high cost of large aircraft, from the United States to the EU, the sale of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, but also into the national diplomatic and economic strategy. Therefore, the competition of the air fly market can not rely on swiss replica watches purely theoretical deduction, behind the complex political and economic diplomatic factors. Therefore, the Chinese market choice C919, a national strategy is not surprising.

Thus, C919 to join the global air fly market, will naturally Airbus and Boeing two strong division of the replica watches uk  market impact, triggering a price war, which is conducive to the global market. Of course, there may also be market discord, and even rise to the national level of the package game. Game itself is competition, can promote the air supply market supply side of the optimization, which is more conducive to consumer side.

According to Airbus, the average annual growth rate of global air passenger traffic is 4.5% over the next 20 years, with an additional 32,425 aircraft, worth more than $ 5 trillion, to replace retired aircraft and support fleet development. In addition, according to Boeing’s forecast, the replica watches next 20 years the global demand for new aircraft will be as high as 37,000, while the Chinese market demand will be more than 6,000, the future or will open the scale of the market.



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