Do no

 Do not say anything else, it will allow more companies to listed a comprehensive decline in the quality of the company will also allow the government to dominate this listing more rent-seeking space. In this case, the fake watches Chinese stock market to continue healthy development is simply impossible. Therefore, the current problem of sustained decline in China’s stock market to a large extent with the Government of this concept. If this concept is not adjusted, and vice versa, this replica watches concept of the role of the successful development of market experience (such as the United States), then the Chinese stock market will not only continue to fall, and the problems will be more and more.

In the current market conditions, because the government is dominated by this concept, on the one hand to rectify the market, hoping to use this harsh market to rectify the order of China’s stock market on the road to health, on the other hand, Multi-company listing and financing to equity to replace the current number of corporate claims, it seems to be the debt risk of the uk replica watches enterprise transferred to the stock market, the financing costs of enterprises decreased, but in fact this is the equity investment in the stock market infringement. Stock market investors can only vote to leave the market with the foot, then the stock market index can not fall?



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