In this case, the DPRK can not abandon the nuclear, it is impossible to do the kind of self-destruction of the Great Wall, in the strategic political self-defeated things. Anyone who might have imagined that if North Korea “abandoned nuclear” under the oppression of the  replica watches “international community” under the leadership of the United States and its leadership, it would have to replica watches uk dismantle all its nuclear weapons and all the military nuclear industry, and to disband its nuclear scientific research team. To accept the so-called “international community” supervision and verification. Only “abandoned nuclear” is not enough, North Korea must also be destroyed it worked hard to develop the ballistic missile combat system and industrial manufacturing system. In this way, what is the North Korea can bring and fight against the United States? , But also what strength to support with the United States to sit at the negotiating table bargaining? Their own spine after the discount, do spittle stars flying can be useful?

If the DPRK “abandoned nuclear”, “abandoned nuclear” after the North did not say to fight against the United States, I am afraid even against South Korea are powerless, and soon will be defeated in South Korea under the defeat.

If North Korea destroys nuclear weapons and missile weapons and its industrial manufacturing system, how will this seriously combat the morale of the DPRK and the people! If it does, there is no rolex replica  doubt that the “first army politics,” the complete bankruptcy, means that Kim Jong-en political credibility of the failure, North Korea will encounter a political failure, so that the results of failure, Germany will be miserable ten times. For such a prospect, is it wise that Kim Jong-un will have anything to understand?



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