Similarly, listening to the United States so this position, China’s those who know what the world is also worth it! Because for a long time they have described the heinousness of the DPRK, for the evil of this evil, to the replica watches United States represented by justice and lofty, can only be eliminated by force, how can we sit at the negotiating table shorter argument, engage in trade Buy it? Is it not politically motivated,

So, South Korea is also  replica watches uk good, China’s universal known Ye Hao, when they did not wait for the new Korean war broke out but heard the news when the heart must be “cool and cool”! But what is the solution? Americans are so fast, that is so unreasonable, which they can only be submissive, no way out.

So, what is the role of external forces, so that the United States position such a major turning point?

The most fundamental is that North Korea itself defends the power of peace.

There is no power without a right to speak on the earth of human life, this is the past, it has always been the first rule of international politics, which, with all the basic knowledge and accomplishment of politicians, diplomats are all clear chest.

Without strong power, there is no qualification to swiss replica watches negotiate with the United States. Any country or any regime, if not able to effectively contend or fight against the strength of the United States, there is no bargaining with the United States at least the capital. The United States has never disdain with the opponents who have no strength but only the mouth of the opponent to sit at the negotiating table. The debate with the United States, first of all to  be able to carry out machine guns and artillery debates, if there is not enough weapons debate ability, and hope to speak with the United States, no doubt in the Arabian Nights. This is the core rule of the world strategy under the American hegemonic order, and all politicians and diplomats with basic common sense and accomplishment are all in the chest.



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