As we all know

 As we all know, earthquake prediction is a worldwide problem. However, if this reason to shirk the earthquake management department should bear the responsibility of earthquake prediction, but there is no uk replica watches reason. This is because, for the earthquake management department, not for the earthquake forecast, it is tantamount to making no earthquake forecast; since the  replica watches uk earthquake-free forecast, in the event of a devastating earthquake, it is tantamount to the wrong, is a serious mistake, , Dereliction of duty, must be subject to political and legal serious prosecution. In view of this, I believe that the National Seismological Bureau need to completely improve the work, to take “earthquake probability forecast” destructive earthquake (generally refers to the Richter magnitude 5 earthquake) is a realistic way to meet the real situation. Of course, this first requires the national earthquake management department to keep pace with the times, emancipate the mind, change the concept, and truly respect all schools (including mainstream schools and non-mainstream schools, professional scholars and non-professional scholars, official scholars and folk scholars) earthquake prediction research Work and its research results and specific forecasts.

Specifically, we first select the nine known earthquake prediction methods (the specific number can be further negotiated), and then for each type of earthquake forecasting means of earthquake replica watches probability (mainly refers to more than 5 destructive earthquakes) percentage of the numerical distribution. The author suggests a different percentage of the predicted earthquake probability percentage assignment as follows:



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