laws based

More than 30 years ago, the famous French political scientist and historian Raymond Alon gave the United States advice: “Unless the United States national interests can also be subject to a rights and laws based on the  replica watches international order, it can not beat any The state is also difficult to obtain any country’s allegiance.There is reason to say that the only use of tactics, calm but no moral diplomacy has ended.To enter the 20th century, if a big country to swiss replica watches stop for a concept of service, its strength is bound to be weakened “But it is clear that the United States does not take a warning. Can be said that the United States and China on behalf of the two different Asia-Pacific rebalancing model, the United States is playing the threat of China on this card, in the South China Sea and other issues to provoke the relationship between China and neighboring countries, the formation of China’s containment and checks and balances, The result will naturally lead to regional conflicts and conflicts intensified, which may wish to look at the current crisis in Ukraine and Europe, can be a little bit clear, because the two have great similarity, of course, the Middle East region. The purpose of the United States is nothing more than in the mess of Europe, after the chaos of the Middle East, would like to fake watches engage in chaos Asia Pacific. In contrast, China out of the peaceful rise and the Chinese opportunity on this card, advocate not confrontation, no conflict, mutual respect, cooperation and win-win on the basis of the United States to establish a new relationship between the big powers, and the Asia-Pacific countries in the common development of the foundation On the establishment of the fate of the community, which will naturally benefit the Asia-Pacific region peace and development. So, the two models contrast, who is superior who is inferior? At a glance.



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