It is important to note that since large earthquakes can spread to far places, it is necessary to pay attention to the probability of replica watches uk occurrence of earthquakes in other areas, and in particular to pay close attention to the probability of occurrence of earthquakes on the same seismic fault zone. In fact, January 2, 2008 and March 27, Gansu Province, south of Longnan City and Wenxian has occurred 4.5 and 4.8 earthquake, where less than 100 km from Qingchuan,swiss replica watches   less than 150 km from Beichuan less, the same gantry Mountain earthquake fault zone.

It is necessary to further explain that we not only need to grasp the probability of occurrence of earthquakes, but also as much as possible to predict the magnitude of the earthquake occurred (directly related to the degree of damage). In general, the greater the intensity of the earthquake precursors, the wider the range, the longer the duration, the higher the level of the rolex replica earthquake, the specific values ​​need to refer to the historical earthquake experience.

At the same time, the most critical issue is that we need to know the exactest time of the earthquake, which is also the most difficult problem for earthquake prediction; this is because from a variety of earthquake precursors to earthquakes actually occur, An earthquake for its landmark information may be different, so difficult to find



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