In early March, Ziyang City government put forward the target: the end of commodity housing stocks fell 10%. Local clear replica watches uk, for the January 1, 2011 to December 31 during the purchase of commercial housing in the central city of Ziyang buyers, to give housing 12,000 yuan each, the garage of 2,000 yuan each reward. In addition, Shandong Weifang City, Hunan Xiangtan and other places also issued a cash subsidy measures to the inventory.

Of course, in addition to rolex replica start from the supply side, but also from the demand side to ease part of the three or four lines of the city’s “inventory” pressure. Such as controlling the number of new homes and improving the housing supply structure. At the same time, the development of local rental market, will be more inventory of housing into “low – rent housing”, “security room” and so on.

As a result of the second-tier cities around the city’s most stringent property market regulation of the New Deal, some speculative funds flock to some hot three or four lines of the city, resulting in the city also appeared in the property market overheating. However, this kind of capital spill caused the real estate to pick up the phenomenon is not sustainable. As the three or swiss replica watches  four lines of urban housing prices from the local population inflow, residents purchasing power, industrial structure and many other factors, so short copy of the three or four lines can not represent the future of urban real estate inventory pressure to reduce this.



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