It is located in

It is located in the middle of the Yellow River tributary of the Yellow River. There is a river named Qiqiu, which flows from the south side of the site and enters the Beibu Beichuan. The ruins of the replica watches ukterrain in the north high south low, was gentle slope, surrounded by ups and downs, vegetation is better. Site distribution area of ​​about 114,400 square meters. Cultural layer was dark gray, thick 1 to 2.1 meters. Archaeological team found the site of the southern slope of a pottery kiln site. The surface can see the rope pots, lace Ge, three feet urn, 盉 [1], 斝 [2], 甗, bowl, stone knife and stone ax and other relics. Base
Located in the town of Nalin Taohai town of Bi Lu Tu village about 500 meters southwest. The site where the terrain is relatively flat, west and south for the gully. Site distribution area of ​​about 27200 square meters. Cultural thickness of 0.38 meters. The surface exposed a large number of pottery fragments, there are enough feet, rough rope gray pottery, gray pottery urn mouth, sand sand pottery, gray pot mouth along the gray pottery wrench and other relics fragments. According to the surface collection of relics analysis, the site of the era should be the Neolithic period to the Xia and Shang dynasties.
Here due to the hill on the natural formation of the red stone, shaped like a cow, the Mongolian called “five red”, that is swiss replica watches , the meaning of cattle. After a long national integration, the local Han villagers put this name transliteration, the formation of the current name. The site is located in the town of Nalin Taohai Man Lai Liangcun Luo Jia Liang Xudong. The north and south of the site for the gully, slightly lower in the south, for the ups and downs of the rolex replica  dunes; east of the Yellow River tributaries will be Sichuan. Site distribution area of ​​about 03,800 square meters. In the surface can see a string of gray pottery, gray pottery cans, rope gray tattoo and other relics. Through the analysis of the surface collection of relics, the site should be the Neolithic period to Zhujia ditch culture period of ancient human life place.



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