not fight

  Like fighting wine can not fight out of human life to the same, fighting can not, otherwise the official will be a big replica watches intervention, this “martial arts” will not play. So around the martial arts will keep a certain kind of interdepartment, so as not to cause serious harm to the body or even life as a standard. Modern fighting, the two sides must wear the provisions of the protective gear, the provisions of the site is not allowed to swiss replica watches hit, is this. Ancient Chinese civil martial arts generally do not want to easily teach actual combat technology, the real and efficient combat technology hidden in the complex (in fact, inefficient) routines, “Ning Chuan ten sets of boxing do not talk about a demolition,” ” Teach step to play the master “, which” demolition “,” step “, is really related to the actual combat capability.

Can be associated with folk martial arts and its competition is basically the body of the bones of the students in the secret surgery, modern language called love action. The former is not bound by human life, the latter to make life as much as possible to do. So the former pay attention to wearing protective gear, to avoid dangerous parts, with a variety of bruises; the latter also stressed that wearing protective equipment, to avoid dangerous period, but also the use of various drugs to prevent and remedy … … watch a variety of martial arts competition, or Love action film, the more thrilling clash, tricks and bricks out of the skills, earth-shattering scenes, the more hearty dripping blood Bubu Zhang, shouting fun, feeling back to the votes – anyway, the former can not be life, the latter made No children, the audience no psychological burden.

Are playing hormones, adrenaline only! Play free fights, mma, what are the qualifications to play tai chi’s “fake”? Is it Europe and the United States love action film, it must be more vigorous than Japan and South Korea, skills?

Cheng Ping of the world, these are a play, and can play out “culture”. Such as martial arts, to remove most of the elements of human life, to become a physical fitness, exciting spirit and pleasing mass of the mass sports, is the blessing of the people, but not martial arts fortune – because “martial arts” Is in the “kill”. Article hate life. National Unfortunately, the poet is fortunate, it is the fortune of the military. Chinese martial arts Daxing, all kinds of camps stand, vigorous development, in fact, is the time in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of fake watches China. When the country is weak, the national crisis, the face of industrial foreign enemies, weapons behind the Chinese army almost invincible, make a taste of shame. In order to inspire the national spirit, in order to inspire the national spirit, but also to explore the powerful road, vigorously promote civil martial arts, is a vigorous “national hot”, the emergence of Fearless, Sun Lutang, Yang Lu cicada and a large number of true and false Wulin strange people wonders. But more of the master, and then powerful martial arts, but also can not save the decadent national transport.



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