Statistics show that since last year, “9.30” after the New Deal, housing prices difficult to significantly increase the bond financing. The end of last year the introduction of real estate company debt review of the New Deal, the housing business debt threshold is a substantial increase in the uk replica watches size of the issue. From January to April in 2017, the financing of the country, including private bonds, corporate bonds and medium-term notes, totaled only 1113.1 billion yuan, which continued the downturn since the fourth quarter of last year. Compared to 2016 in January-April the same period of 506.8 billion yuan, down 78%.

To this end, the industry issued a warning, housing prices are higher debt ratio of the industry, if the financing threshold is blocked, once the property market regulation continued deep, developers back to the cycle of elongation, waiting for housing prices “money shortage” far. The author believes that the country has 55 cities introduced more than 160 times the control policy, real estate regulation has begun to affect the housing prices, which took more land prices in terms of greater pressure.

(MLF) interest rates and regular lending convenience (SLF) rates are also raised, and domestic “interest rate expectations” are expected to allow enterprises to raise interest rates. In the meantime, The financing pressure suddenly rose. At the same time, the Federal Reserve and the European central banks are shrinking currencies, overseas financing interest rates are also up the cycle

In fact, the early 2016 real estate market, the main reason is crazy housing prices through various channels, access to replica watches uk  low-cost funds, bonds which is the lowest source of funding, the last two months to increase the difficulty of issuing, for housing prices will be significantly improved Capital price. Statistics show that last year from July to September, housing prices per month issue of bonds in more than 100 billion yuan. 2017 in January to reach the lowest point in a year, only 8.07 billion yuan. Corporate bonds issued replica watches  more and more difficult.

And the difficulty of financing the rise or the steady increase in interest rates. Since December last year issued bonds interest rates are 4.2% -5.5%, the overall look, compared to last year before the 4% have been up in September, and in April a lot of financing the annual rate of return has been 5.5% the above.

In fact, the past two years of debt is the largest housing prices, the cheapest source of funds, so we often see large housing prices dare to  land market in the “Deal or No Deal”, fight the local king. But the current housing prices have been basically lost the function of debt. According to incomplete statistics, this year has been including Vanke, R & F, gold, including a number of housing prices to cancel the debt, involving more than 10 billion yuan.



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