The reason

 The reason why there is false account, because there is no need for any factual basis, what bank’s revenue and expenditure records, the original transaction certificate, are so insignificant. However, as long as the implementation of real-time reporting system, accounting data have been in the rolex replica watches master of the master. All the accounting statements of the higher authorities themselves can be completed. Now the false accounting statements are naturally superfluous.

The tradition of our country is morality. “The beginning of the people, the nature of good”. Superstition as long as the conscience found, you can stop bad guys bad things. In such a tradition, technology is insignificant.

Westerners are outspoken “human nature”. The logical starting point of Western religion is the original sin of man. In order to prevent evil, only help technology. Promote the technology, it is necessary to develop technical specifications. Mature technical specifications, it will become law.

The history of mankind is the history of  fake rolex technological progress. Paleolithic, Neolithic Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age, Until now the information age. Technical progress of the lines, outlined the history of human progress.

The stagnation of technology is the stagnation of history. Chinese history since the establishment of the centralization of the Qin Dynasty, the technology will not seek progress. Therefore, more than two thousand years only dynasty rise and fall of the monotony of rolex replica the story. Turn around, until now.

Let us put a little moral banner, even with one hundred percent, one thousandth, or even one ten thousandth of the energy to focus on the progress of management technology, today’s China will be very different.



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