“Drink Huiren Shenbao, he is good,” this ad has touched the hearts of countless middle-aged consumers, but also to replica watches Huiren Pharmaceutical’s “Bushen Shen Yao” Huiren kidney treasure a well-known family. Recently, in the SFC’s statistical table, Huiren Pharmaceutical audit status as “feedback”. This means that the business is only one step away from the market, and ultimately the smooth “clearance”, the market is waiting to see.

According to Huiren Pharmaceutical prospectus, it was established on April 3, 2002, the main business of proprietary Chinese medicine and chemical research and development, production and sales. In recent years, Huiren Pharmaceutical performance is impressive, revenue straight up, 2013 to 2016 June, Huiren Pharmaceutical to achieve revenue of 457 million, 908 million, 1.485 billion, 759 million yuan. Huiren Shenbao has gradually contributed to the replica watches uk company nearly Jiucheng performance of the flagship product. 2013 to 2015, Huiren Shenbao revenue accounted for 21.33%, respectively, 68.49%, 86.12%.

It is surprising that the price of Huiren Shenbao is 14 times the cost price. According to the prospectus shows, Huiren Kidney in the first half of 2016 the average unit cost of only 0.18 yuan / piece. In Xi’an market, Huiren Kidney tablets each box 126, the market price of 322 yuan a single box, equal to each piece of retail price of 2.56 yuan, and the cost of 0.18 yuan / piece, the cost per box only 22.68 yuan (which does not include other expenses). This is a calculation, the retail price is about 14 times the cost price.

In view of the high profit margins of Huiren Guibao Qi, some analysts believe that “kidney medicine is the first high-margin because of the considerable demand.” Even so, Huiren Shenbao’s gross profit is also far ahead of peers. Huiren Kidney in the first half of 2016 the average unit cost of rolex replica   only 0.18 yuan / piece, the distribution price of 1.9 yuan / piece, the average gross margin reached 86.48%. And has Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (can fill Yin kidney) Jiuzhitang gross margin was 59.45%, other such as Guilin Sanjin, East E-Jiao and other well-known companies over the same period the average gross margin 67.46%.



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