crazy prices

 As of 930 after 2016, some cities introduced the real estate market regulation and control policies more and more, more stringent, replica watches and even in order to achieve short-term purpose nothing, but the goal of these control policies on the one hand want to contain Live crazy prices are no longer rising, on the other hand these introduced the real estate market regulation and control policy that can not let the real estate market prices ups and downs. In other words, the price rises crazy, soaring, the city’s government has never been so that the replica watches uk local housing prices from big, but the real estate market regulation and control policies to squeeze out the real estate bubble, they came out that house prices can not be ups and downs, that is, house prices or Can be big but can not fall off. Therefore, it is possible to restrict the sale of a fully administrative policy. It can be seen that these short-term administrative control policies introduced in large numbers, only to China’s real estate market is more chaotic to the abyss.

It can be said that the current financial market in China chaotic, high leverage, far more than Europe and the United States developed countries. For example, since the 2008 US financial crisis, through the Chinese-style quantitative easing credit over-expansion, standardize the size of the  Bank of China’s balance sheet, the amount of the Federal Reserve as a result of the expansion of the balance sheet scale has gone beyond. So, from 2000 to the end of 2016, China M2 grew nearly 8 times. In addition, China’s shadow bank prevails, corporate debt levels are too high, local financing platform debt and so become a highly leveraged Chinese characteristics.

As the financial market credit excessive expansion, the proliferation of market liquidity, and short-term speculation habits of Chinese investors, which in the past few years led to wave after wave of swiss replica watches financial market speculation trend. For example, in 2015 China’s stock market crazy speculation, 2016 China’s real estate market and commodity futures speculation crazy, and in recent years, speculation in the crazy speculation, are related to excessive expansion of China’s financial market credit.



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