really very effective

 Application of the strategy is not because I can not say the best, to lead the development of the situation, so I use the strategy to contain those shit sticks than those who are stronger than my head is relatively large guy.
Chairman Mao was ready to cross the river battle, the results, the British let the purple stone warships into the Yangtze River, in an attempt to uk replica watches prevent the CCP from reunifying China. This is actually in the use of stir feces stick shit. Because the British know that only the East and West in the conflict in Asia, where they have the opportunity to breathe, their own range of replica watches uk traditional forces will not because of the United States, the Soviet Union was too busy and they were taken away.
The results of it encountered a very smart, very powerful Chairman Mao, so Chairman Mao on the leveraging force, take the initiative to fight purple quartz number. Chairman Mao knew that the United States was reluctant to clash directly with the Soviet Union in the Far East, and that would allow the British conspiracy to go bankrupt.
Of course, the United Kingdom is still playing this set, for example, in the Asian investment bank on the issue embodies such a strategic thinking.
Of course, in the past, the United States also played this strategy, such as in Europe to the United Kingdom into a European shit stick, in the Middle East let Israel become a mess of the region, in East Asia to fake watches Japan when the shit stick. This is because when the East and the West are evenly matched, the application of the strategy will make the situation towards the development of their own side.
Now the United States is the most important Because the decline of the country and the United States with the same language of the United States can only play the ancestors of the strategy of shaking sticks, so we see Japan, Israel, Taiwan, China’s traditional role in the more shaggy sticks, the DPRK nuclear issue I found that the United States has now put the shit stick as its core strategy.
Now the United States in the calculation, in the application of shit stick strategy to make North Korea into China’s shit stick. It now appears that this is indeed more successful.
Indeed, because the United States itself is now the power of the decline is so bad, so take a line with the Russian Nixon Road was once the preferred choice, but this also encountered a strong domestic reactionary forces, after all, the United States past is too , So this model of vested interests are very strong, and they are blocking the United States and Russia to engage in the United States and Russia to repeat the Nixon era of the Soviet Union and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. That is now Nixon doctrine in the United States has been a strong resistance, so only to stir feces stick strategy as the core strategy is Chu Po’s way out. Therefore, we have seen Chuan Pu with the DPRK nuclear issue from China and Russia, Sino-DPRK relations, so that North Korea into China’s shit stick, but also play really very effective. Then the United States in the Taiwan region will let Tsai Ingen government to stir feces stick more and more powerful to engage in smelly China.



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