very easy to give

May 14, 2017, this year, China’s main home diplomacy area along the way of the International Dialogue Forum held in Beijing Yanqi Lake. More than one hundred heads of state of the heads of state of the replica watches twenty-one heads of state and international organizations on the international front are looking forward to the opportunity to find a share in this summit forum. For a time, Yanqi Lake full of friends, Beijing city guests cloudy.

At the same time, after a Paris climate conference in Germany, after the Sino-US summit in Hangzhou G20 finally signed the “Paris Climate Agreement”, another global climate conference also kicked off. Compared to the bustling area of ​​the peak of the forum, the Bonn climate conference because the new president of the United States Trump previously announced that it will withdraw from the agreement and cast a shadow. Although the United States has not officially announced the withdrawal, but this uncertainty is undoubtedly to the meeting can not achieve the results of the infinite variable added.

What is the way? The day before yesterday in Wuhan, I asked a friend of Wuhan in the summer snow, he is very easy to give the answer: the way is actually a way out of China’s foreign export infrastructure feast. Rich and reliable infrastructure can be completed by investment and later business convenience to rolex replica  earn profits for themselves and to find new economic growth point, no money or money and infrastructure is relatively imperfect in the country can be through this Feast to find a way for their own country to build a great development. Just a world-wide ultimate building. In line with this global scope of the building, China has not only built a large area along the way this big blueprint, but also for the provision of replica watches uk economic support to the Asian investment bank, and even announced in the same period, China will build a century new town – The new district provides templates and examples for this world-wide infrastructure building. It can be said that in the next few decades, the world will inevitably set off a vigorous construction of the climax. Whether you are in the area without a road within the scope of the map, we will be involuntarily wrapped into them. Unless you want to be in this world.



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