Liang Junlan

Liang Junlan introduction, before the city of Luliang only county to take the declaration system, from 2013 onwards, the scope of the rolex uk declaration to expand all the members of the city cadres and rural workers, “two committees”, the standard is also strict. County cadres to the discipline inspection commission to declare, section level and ordinary cadres to declare the relevant units of the replica rolex watches unit. The contents of the declaration include the number of seats, the number of participants, the meal fee.

“This year often check the wedding, to see the size, number, banquet standards, and then check the account.” Liang Junlan said, “people are very contradictory, but the people welcome.
Six cases were notified December 20, 2013, Luliang City Commission for Discipline Inspection held a meeting, informed the rolex replica watches six typical cases of discipline:
Fangshan County deputy magistrate Liu Linmei illegal exercise daughter daughter marriage. March 24 Liu Linmei in Jinzhong City Yuci District Marriott Meiyue International Hotel for her daughter to go back to the door banquet, a total of 44 tables, 2088 yuan per table standard. Luliang City, the Secretary for Supervision Office of the study, and reported to the Luliang Municipal People’s Government approval, to give Liu Linmei administrative warning.
Zhongyang County Bureau of Justice Bureau Zhang Dong bus private use. June 13 afternoon, Zhang Dong driving Jin JD053 police car in Fangshan County Nanyang ditch Yunding Mountain area parked. Zhongyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection Standing Committee study, to give Zhang Dong party warning.



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