From the beginning of this history so far, the core of state-owned enterprise reform has been to promote the diversification of swiss replica watches ownership structure.

The Third Central Committee of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the comprehensive deepening reform of a number of major issues in the decision, “that” state-owned enterprises have been integrated with the market economy, “and requires the active development of mixed ownership economy.

Therefore, mixed ownership is seen as a new direction for state-owned enterprise reform. And mixed ownership is more common is the shareholding system. For example, the recent release of information from Shanghai and Guangdong shows that the listed companies are the main manifestations of the development of a mixed ownership economy.

State-owned enterprise reform is problematic, but every time the introduction of more ownership of economic components, are to replica watches uk varying degrees to promote the process of marketization.

This is the Deputy Secretary-General of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the former State Council SASAC Research Center Director Wang Zhongming summary of state-owned enterprise reform has been able to gradually break through one of the three key factors: incremental replica watches cultivation of “institutional factors” to form a forced mechanism. Wang Zhongming publicly stated: “Maybe mixed ownership can bring out a real way of life.”

“From the international experience, mixed ownership is an inevitable trend of the development of modern market economy.China’s state-owned state-owned enterprise reform is the most intuitive performance of the end of the state ‘dominate the world’ situation, return to a variety of ownership economy common development history True, confirmed the basic principles of economics. “Wang Zhongming told correspondents.



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