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In modern society, industrial and service industries replace agriculture as an economic pillar, the relationship between people and land is increasingly loose, large-scale, long-distance population flow followed, different accent people living in the same city has become a common phenomenon.Do you have a return on swiss replica watches your local dialect?

Is the modern dialect in which the population is moving in large numbers, and that the local dialect is important?

Recently, the author and Professor Richard Freeman of Harvard University, Professor Chen Zhao of Fudan University and Associate Professor Chen Binkai of Central University of Finance and Economics have done a research on dialect. The study used the 2005 census data, and we divided China into seven Chinese dialects according to the definition of linguists.

The study found that in a city, foreigners from different dialect areas were more likely to enter higher-income industries and occupations than those of migrants from the same dialect area, particularly those requiring replica watches uk higher language skills The Moreover, this effect mainly appears in the dialects with relatively large differences in Putonghua, including Wu language district, Cantonese area and Minnan dialect area. Among them, the “local dialect return” is particularly high to Shanghai as the representative of the Wu language area.

In Western countries, there are many scholars to study the return of language skills, but mainly in the United States, Canada, English-speaking countries such as the ability to return. However, statistically, people with high English rolex replica proficiency have higher incomes, and this does not lead directly to the conclusion that “improving English proficiency can increase income” because, in those countries where English is dominant, English is poor People often also



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