In fact, Professor Peng Lin later mentioned that there is no upbringing, not teaching at home, schools do not teach. He also opened a Chinese ancient ritual class, but also set an example to the students bow. In terms of replica watch ritual, he is an expert, I believe he must have taught students disciples ceremony, I ask, the Chinese people have a few people understand “disciples ceremony”. But to understand the disciples of the disciples of the rules, our Confucius Institute I am afraid that do not teach that Laosi, where there is that?
Many of my mentors have a large proportion of Chinese and Korean students, and he says Korean students are more polite. Obviously, they know how to hold disciples ceremony. Reminded me of Mr. Jin Xin, he served as chief of staff of the South Korean Air Force, but we all remember that he was the son of South Korea’s gold nine, born in 1922 in Shanghai, China, 1943 China Kunming Southwest United University, 1944 China Air Force Nurse students graduate.

Mr. Jin Jiu is anti-Japanese scholar, with the words now is a terrorist, has commanded the captain Li Fengchang went to Tokyo to replica watches uk assassinate the sun, unfortunately unsuccessful, and commanded the captain Yin Fengji in Shanghai Hongkou Park successfully assassinated the arrogant celebration of the day festival and war victory anniversary The head of the Japanese invaders, killed and wounded more than the emperor.

Mr. Jin Xin’s memoirs have such a paragraph:
After his father’s return to the country has been committed to the peaceful reunification of the north and south, against their separate government .1948 in April, he was struggling, regardless of danger, in order to national unity resolutely north of Pyongyang, he crossed the line, Ming Chi – “walk in the snow field, do not have to messly. Today, I trace, then for future generations. “I accompany his father northbound, in Pyongyang met with Kim Il Sung, Kim Il Sung on my father executive descendants ceremony, known as” anti-Japanese predecessors “, swiss replica watches  that year, Kim Il Sung 37 years old, and my father has 73 years old.However, a month later, north and south were set up their respective governments, the motherland is so divided in the state, and for more than half a century! June 26, 1949, father Was killed by the right – wing forces of the pro – day, and on June 25, 1950, the outbreak of the same Korean war broke out, which he was most reluctant to see!



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