On this basis

On this basis, the trade route to the ocean, trade commodity structure turned to consumer goods as a symbol, China’s foreign trade ushered in a second leap. Due to the unprecedented development of the rolex replica domestic economy and the Silk Road was cut off by the Western Xia, sea trade began in the Han Dynasty in the Song Dynasty made great progress, and soon showed the advantages of land trade. In the era of land trade, by the transport capacity of the limited, China’s foreign trade commodity structure can not be less low-priced luxury goods mainly in the Song Dynasty during the sea trade, daily consumer goods increasingly cut a striking figure. The Song Dynasty set up the earliest customs in Chinese history, and  replica watches uk established the largest sailing fleet in human history. From Korea, Japan to India, Arab, East Africa, Chinese businessmen and sailors have left their own footprints on all sides of the coast. The unprecedented development of foreign trade so that the first time with the financial importance, cramped to the southeast half of the Southern Song court on the demand for foreign trade income is more intense, Song Gaozong Zhao statue to the emperor’s respect, but also relish in the ” The benefits of the most thick, if handled properly, the income of millions of dollars, would not win the people. ”

Ming: foreign trade surplus to eliminate “money shortage”

When the military congenitally deficient Zhao Song dynasty eventually fell into the sea of ​​blood, those who received the Song of the narcissus technology bloodthirsty are more interested in these technologies used in the expansion of force rather than peaceful trade exchanges. Until the Ming Taizu rebuild the Chinese national economy, Ming emperor Zhu Di determined to restore China’s overseas civilization image, the Chinese foreign trade was re-entered the normal development track. Ming Wuzong Zhengde twelve years (1517), the Portuguese king Manuel I swiss replica watches sent envoys Pilips arrived in Guangzhou, the European businessmen followed by sail east, Europe, the Americas and China’s direct trade from the rapid expansion, Lisbon – Macau – Guangzhou – Guangzhou – Hong Kong (now Longhai Haicheng) / Xiamen / Guangzhou – Manila / Macau – Mexico Acapulco, Macau – Nagasaki and other trade channels have been established, China’s foreign trade welcome To the history of the third leap, not only on the domestic production have a huge role in promoting, and through the trade surplus, silver flow led to China’s financial and monetary system revolution.



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