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 To the people as the center. The people are replica watches uk the subject of reform. The people are the greatest politics. Thinking to determine the way out, build a human fate community, human rights community – Xi Jinping.

I play here: people’s livelihood is the most fundamental people. The people are the subject of society.

The power of the people is the largest social and economic resources, the wisdom of the people and endless innovation, creativity is to crack the world’s livelihood and the only source of strength and intrinsic kinetic energy.

Based on the above basic guiding ideology, the basic idea, the basic idea of ​​actively exploring the social welfare and social protection of the replica watches world-wide solution to the Chinese solution is a matter of course, the ever-changing, with each passing day.

Specific recommendations Chinese-style solution ideas, solutions are summarized as follows:

The detailed theory of social and economic thought system, the methodology of the system, social security economics data to prove that the specific methods, channels, ways, investment and financing operation, the feasibility of the management model demonstration, proof of validity and Wuhan City, Hubei Province Huangpi District, Hubei Province Xiaogan City health care reform, pension insurance service system field research report and solutions feasibility study see: Annex

First, the pioneering and innovative society of the main economics, to replace their own subject economics.

Construction: social main body, government-led, industry management, universal participation, people share and share the social and economic system and social welfare system and the people to build a shared social welfare system.

Reform of the reality of social livelihood and social security system fragmentation system for the whole society integration, intensive swiss replica watches  and shared social and social welfare system and the integration of the operating system. People are the main body of society, “people build and share” the whole society to build and build, to build the community of social interests, social welfare system, social and economic construction system fate community, the interests of the community.



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