People’s livelihoo

People’s livelihood problems and social welfare and social security dilemma has become a common problem facing all human society. Led to a series of socio-economic crisis, social and political crisis, the crisis of human survival.

People’s livelihood problems include: social education problems, social health problems, social security housing problems, social pension security problems, rising prices, employment is difficult, people’s livelihood worries increasingly pressure mountain.

In the social insurance costs rise, social insurance funds face the risk of falling out of the bottom, the growing burden of government debt, sovereign debt crisis is generally high risk, the real economy production and operation costs are increasing, it is difficult to substantially reduce the burden: society The contradictions of confrontation are intensified, the social and economic development is weak, the social security system is precarious, the people are disturbed and the people’s sense of replica watches access is difficult to improve.

China is also facing the same social livelihood, economic, social security problems and practical difficulties.

At present, the social reality of the people’s livelihood and welfare protection of the actual reality of the situation, I do not have to  replica watches uk repeat everyone is very clear.

People’s livelihood has become the biggest problem of the whole society (international community, governments, governments at all levels, enterprises, families and individuals) and the biggest bottleneck of development and the root causes of the crisis.

Social welfare system is the key to the social and economic system, the basic system.

Is the socio-economic system, socio-economic system, the core of the socio-economic system of the core connotation and external manifestation of the results. People’s livelihood decided to the people, the people back to the back of the people’s livelihood depends on the effectiveness of the crack, people’s livelihood is the people’s greatest sense of happiness.

Social and economic systems include: social production, social life, social security system three subsystems.

The healthy operation of the social welfare system of the people and the people is closely related to the sense of happiness and happiness of the people.

“People’s livelihood is the greatest political”, so rolex replica crack the livelihood of the puzzle, social welfare system of social welfare reform is a comprehensive reform of the top priority.

But also the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the National People’s Congress, the CPPCC, the people of the common concern and actively explore the Chinese-style solutions to focus areas.



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