Social co-ordination of investment and financing system to replace: commercial social insurance. Significantly reduce the social health costs and the whole society: waste of medical expenses, livelihood fake watches security benefits, reduce social and economic costs, social production and operation costs, people’s livelihood costs. The formation of socio-economic system, the socio-economic system of the three-in-one virtuous circle system, system and mechanism,

Social equity equity investment Minsheng welfare system to replace the government fiscal and financial deficits “guarantee” system, effectiveness to eliminate the reality of government debt dilemma and significantly reduce the social and economic costs: policy costs. At the same time substantially reduce the people’s medical expenses, education costs, pension costs and the cost of living and economic production and operation costs, significantly reduce the social and economic costs, resulting in social prices of the chain reaction: a significant reduction. That is: the reform of the replica watches government financial system to become a social financial system, the realization of socio-economic resource management system: system upgrades and system updates.

Fourth, the Chinese people to build savings savings equity investment Social security fund can become a social and economic construction, along the way, poverty alleviation and development battle, new rural construction,replica watches uk  ecological civilization construction, investment and financing of the main and socio-economic resources endless Source of living water, its investment areas and feasibility studies please refer to my special essays and related economics data validation collection see annex.

Fifth, the Chinese people to build savings savings equity investment Social security fund is the use of the Chinese people’s largest social and economic characteristics: the characteristics of savings deposits to protect the people’s livelihood and the use of social characteristics of the comprehensive and systematic development of socialization Is a veritable “Chinese-style solution”, innovation, to crack the medical reform, social and livelihood benefits to protect the world problems.



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