In fact, in the American political arena, both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have a convention, to reach a rolex replica tacit understanding of the unspoken rules, that is, for Russia to take a tough stance. For the American political elite, the Russian tough, and even can be seen as the best way to express their political correctness. But how to expect, the American elite’s tacit understanding was Trump thoroughly reversed.
In fact, Trump has long been inextricably linked to Russia. On the one hand, Trump has always loved the Eastern European beauty, wife to find his girlfriend is almost blonde tall Eastern European beauty; the other hand, the early years, Trump had in the cause, suffered a major setback in the occasion of the replica watches uk crisis , It is the Russian people to rescue, pulled Trump a. This makes Trump over the storm, as the so-called billionaire. Trump certainly can not let go of the feelings of Russia.

Originally close to Russia, Flin was dismissed, Trump and Russia before the relationship temporarily down the temperature, Trump performance and Russia is not so close, but also used 59 Tomahawk-type missiles bombing Russia support The Bashar regime of the airport and hangar. However, Trump and Lavrov meet, deliberately ISIS confidential information leaked to the Russians, and then because of the exclusion of Komi things and followed up, so all of a sudden in the United States fried the pot.

Now many people will Trump and then Nixon’s Watergate incident together. I believe that Trump vent events may be more serious than the water gate incident that year. Because the Watergate incident in the United States politics swiss replica watches despite the poor nature, but after all, the Americans themselves. And Trump may be different this time, if the “pass the Russian” things finally exposed, it is true, then this is a “rival” suspected. Which makes the face of the United States where to put it?

However, even so, really want to try to impeach Trump the possibility of a very small. On the one hand there is no precedent in history, the history of the United States a total of three presidential impeachment, in addition to Nixon finally take the initiative to resign, the other people are safe and sound.

On the other hand, the Republicans now hold the Senate, a total of 52 votes, at least 19 Republicans who choose to impeach Trump, impeachment to succeed. However, from the medical reform program, debt adjustment and other motion results, to Republicans all throwing Trump, this possibility is not big.

The question now is that Republicans tend to place party interests on national interests, and it is difficult to impeach Trump. If the Republicans felt that the Russian threat exceeded the partisan dispute and decided to give up Trump, then Vice President Pence could have had a chance.



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