Industry floor. Chinese enterprises should go out there should be a kind of world feelings, the resources dug out to come back, rolex replica this is an old thinking. Chinese people once in the world layout “along the way”, in the Chinese people began to contribute to the world, to help “along the way” along the country and region, to achieve our common development and sharing of prosperity, which is “ The initiative has a world significance. Whether it is the traditional energy industry, or the new energy industry, or other cultural industries, in the financial support, the Chinese enterprises to achieve a global industrial layout, on the one hand, our industry output, on the other hand we introduce technology. “Surrounding the way” initiative is indeed a long time to achieve, we can not worry, but also to be realistic, not too optimistic, or to down-to-earth to do specific investment and financing.
There are different understandings about the “one side” strategic meaning, different people. In terms of China, the mainstream public opinion and scholars’ elaboration is a “high” word. They are not only “the way along the way” to the global strategic level, but also overstated to the height of human history, if someone said, “all the way” will reshape the world order, open the Millennium no big change; others assert, “There is a way” is a world revolution, opened a new era of human history; also announced that “all the way” for the development of mankind to open swiss replica watches up a new continent, the world “Orientalization” of the beginning, and so on, in short, are very “ , “High” to the clouds, the “big” to the boundless, “on” to the replica watches uk illusory, so that although the visible, but intangible, but also more grasp, from the world that is quite far away.

 However, although the wisdom of thousands of considerations, the fool may wish to have a thought. I have a little bit of their own ideas, that “with the way” in addition to the above-mentioned “tall” description, the reality of its political significance can not be ignored. From a political point of view, “one way along the way” constitutes a powerful and powerful political counterattack in China.



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