Realizing the farmers’ land

Realizing the farmers’ land property rights is an important goal of this homestead reform. Farmers homestead property rights generally include two parts, one is the right to obtain loans through mortgages, and second, through the operation of the right to income. Originally, farmers swiss replica watches homestead is free access to free use, farmers only use the right, however, the current academic tend to farmers homestead use rights as a usufructuary, the usufructuary not replica watches only has possession, use authority, and should be punished, Usufruct. Mortgage guarantee is the right of disposition, that is, farmers can use the right to use homestead mortgages to obtain loans from financial institutions. The People’s Bank of China also led the country to carry out the right to use the rural homestead and the right to operate arable land mortgages pilot. However, the current central policy explicitly requires farmers to lose the right to land contract and homestead use. In the case of replica watches uk farmers can not lose their rights, financial institutions can not be punished mortgage-protected homestead use rights and land contract management rights, it is difficult to really promote the mortgage security reform.

The policy of not letting farmers lose the right to land contractual management and the right to use homesteads is compatible with the current situation of China’s development stage, at least in the future for a long period of time this policy is also reasonable. In the policy of not allowing farmers to lose their right to use homestead and land contract management rights, farmland mortgage guarantees can not have room for realization.

Another way for farmers to increase their property income is to allow farmers to run homesteads, such as rentals, and in urban villages, urban and rural areas, and coastal developed areas, farmers have a considerable amount of money through rental housing and residential use for operational purposes A lot of money. So some people think that if the policy allows farmers to use homestead for operating to get income, farmers can get a lot of additional property income.

Therefore, scholars, especially the economics and the legal profession, that as long as the rural homestead to give decentralization, the right to income, farmers can accidentally get a large amount of property income, and even can get rich. The pilot project is currently being piloted 15 rural homestead reform pilot, the vast majority of the pilot is to try to give the homestead more power to allow farmers to obtain more property income. This is not possible. There are two reasons: First, as long as the policy does not allow farmers to lose the right to use homestead, homestead mortgage guarantee can not really promote, because the mortgage guarantee must be able to place homemade premises, and the basis of this punishment is the loss of homestead Right of use. No matter how complex the system design, how many of the Gulf, the basic logic is that farmers can not let the right to use homestead can not let financial institutions at the homestead, homestead use rights can not become collateral collateral. Second, even if the homestead can get the proceeds, have access to this income is only the most opportunities in the city, urban and rural areas and a small number of coastal developed areas of rural areas, this part of the village, the peasant population is relatively small, occupying the homestead is relatively small. Because it has been integrated into the city belt, the farmer’s homestead has a certain property attribute, so it is possible to increase the farmer’s property income. The problem is that, in fact, in the city with the village, farmers have long been through the rental housing and housing for commercial purposes, and access to such a property income, whether or not to enter the rural homestead system reform, are Has not affected this part of the farmers get such a benefit. And the majority of the central and western rural areas, a large number of rural population outflow, homestead no one wants to, in any case to give the income of the right to homestead, homestead can not be increased for farmers to increase property income.



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