Since the reform and openin

Since the reform and opening up, the Chinese people’s creativity has been an unprecedented release and development, with the popularity of education, information transmission is extensive and convenient, the gradual enrichment of material wealth, more and more people into the spontaneous scientific research activities The At the same time, with the development of science and technology, the contradiction of the existence of the scientific system itself is more and more prominent (such as quantum mechanics and relativity is difficult to dock), so science itself is also faced with how to further innovation and breakthrough.

From the late 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, China has appeared in the potential science, cross science, and free from the official science outside the civil science; in general, the potential science is not yet mature enough scientific innovation, cross science to contribute to the birth of science Innovation, and the mainstream of civil science is also in the pursuit of scientific innovation. The author of the potential science, cross science, folk science are interested, for example, in the rolex replica “Shan Hai Jing” in-depth study of the process will benefit from the rich cross-science vision, because the “Shan Hai Jing” content related to astronomy, paleogeography , History, sociology, ethnology, folklore, primitive religion, ancient swiss replica watches linguistics, semiotics, informatics, music, architecture, agriculture, meteorology, military science, surveying, zoology, botany, mineral science , The knowledge of paint, as well as multi-field cultural knowledge, a wide range of scientific and technical knowledge, etc., see the “Shanhai by the appreciation of the dictionary” “classic map read the Shanhai Jing (16 open all painted hardcover)” ” ) “And other monographs.

On the “folk science” (referred to as “civil science”), the author began to agree. However, with the changes in the situation, as well as a decade of practice, I found that “folk science” and “official science” (referred to as “official”) of the formulation or classification, has been more and more away from its original intention , More and more unfavorable to China’s independent scientific theory and technology innovation and development. In view of this, the author called on the scientific community, the intellectual community, all the colleagues in the academic community, bid farewell to the Department of Civil and Criminal Sciences, to meet the “science” (innovation science) and “Shouke” (Shou Ke science) cooperation win new era, see The following is the theory of relativity between science and science.

First, the contribution of civil science and the existence of the problem

There is no doubt that the rise of civil science in China has an indelible special contribution to the innovation and development of science and technology in China, such as the scientific justice of Chinese medicine, the abolition of the “pseudo-science” clause which is not conducive to scientific development, and many independent primitive (Including the American version of the 2012 edition, Hong Kong version of “a brief history of life intelligence: life intelligence and intellectual evolution” and other monographs), the author of the theory of artificial terrain.



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