Therefore, I think that th

Therefore, I think that the current rural homestead system reform the most important goal is to let farmers “home”, “one house” policy to adhere to. Through the reform of the homestead system to increase the income of farmers’ property, there is no real possibility for the vast majority of rural areas, which in rolex replica turn may allow farmers to lose their right to use homestead (secured mortgage). If the central authorities do not allow farmers to lose their right to use homestead, the secured mortgage will not be the basis for the realization. As for the farmers to return to the homestead to reclaim homestead grain and thus the goal of saving arable land can be suspended, because whether it is now reclaimed as arable land, homestead is still there is to replica watches uk leave a buffer space, put a little resource redundancy , For farmers and countries are very important. There is no need to immediately immediately regardless of the cost of Teng back home. As the land of the homestead of land, retreat and retreat, it is there.

Second, the current homestead system reform pilot problems

At present, the vast majority of homestead sites in the country are based on the increase of farmers’ property income replica watches as the main starting point and foothold of the pilot, and the academic circles are also full of wealth and imagination of homestead. The most common argument is that through the reform of the homestead system to revive the rural homestead and homestead indicators, activate a huge rural homestead resources, from assets to assets and then change the property, so that farmers get rich.

This is obviously an unrealistic illusion about the wealth of the rural homestead, so that the reform of the homestead system went to the evil path.

The current national homestead pilot will generally be out of the homestead as an important goal. The local government wants to withdraw from the homestead to obtain large sums of money to compensate the farmers who have withdrawn from the homestead, rebuild the old village, increase the rural infrastructure, build a beautiful village, and even let the farmers get rich. One way is the homestead reform pilot counties and cities are usually referred to as the inventory of homestead and homestead indicators.

Specifically, the local government is trying to get the farmland by withdrawing the homestead from the homestead, and then the homestead reclamation to form arable land, and obtain the corresponding index of construction land, Lee. Profit is used in three aspects, one is to compensate the interests of farmers out of the homestead, the second is to raise funds for village infrastructure construction, the third is the development of collective undertakings, which through the farmers Teng back homestead to change the village appearance, building villages, rich farmers.



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