The bourgeois revolution

  The bourgeois revolution, a peculiar term in the West, does not exist in China at all. There is a typical bourgeois revolution. It is the product of the Western feudal system, which will be discussed in the relevant chapters of rolex replica China. From the era of the steam engine, to the industrial revolution, to the information age of the information revolution, the development of productive forces can be described as triumphant, the two world wars of mankind, the destruction of the replica watches uk environment, the endless proliferation of human beings, and at this time. This fundamental reason is that the development of culture did not keep up with the corresponding social system, especially the development of the productive forces of the capitalist system, as well as the development of human society. In the borders of the vast existence of society, capital unscrupulous multi-international national plunder, when the nation-state independence, the loss of the international market, capital and return to the domestic disguised plunder, Wall Street ugly is a good footnote. The swiss replica watches reflection of capitalism is in the face of history. The whole of the West, under the framework of the capitalist culture, is trying to adjust, but their eyes are still old-eyed, not to reflect on themselves, but to the rise of the third world, or to the rise of the developing countries This is the middle of the struggle, so in the beginning of the reform and opening up He Xin made clear that the Western advocacy of the “China threat theory” is the essence of China’s development is the strategy of the Western world antagonism, which is the strategic thinking with the West Consistent, China, when its people rule the people of the body, we are impeccable, He Xin’s point of view, it is the world era and the prevailing cultural dictates, that is, capitalist culture dictates. And this is our historical limitations, but also the limitations of Western economics. It can be said that the new theory is scattered, and his basic view is our tactic for a long period of time. Only this strategy can only eliminate the historical shortcomings of the Western capitalist culture. It is equally sad to know this, and to give up this means of struggle, that is, the sinners of history, and if you can not go beyond the limits of history and culture,

Now capitalism is still in this culture. The Jewish Freemasonry, or Trump, is the strategic perspective of the strategic vision of its swiss replica watches own strategy. The rise of Chinese society, one of its tasks is to digest the limitations of its culture.



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