The face of blue?

As a watch practitioner, when I face the 9 King Kong, and the majority of users like the thought before, weigh the pros and cons, the night can not sleep soundly, but in the end I use the exclusion method to make the swiss replica watches choice, Di, Y1 and Y2 over budget; The last only niggas, green ghosts, green needles and blue and black circles, green ghosts and Rolex Logo green Color different abandoned; niggas though cool, but really no green needle practical abandoned.
The face of blue and black circle, although the latest and complex process, but childhood like the green color, and in the red needle of the era, it has been hoped that Rolex can be a green needle, did not expect really out, and the whole Black circle with the dress is also more solemn, the final choice of green needle, if this year out of the black and green circle, I certainly change! The above experience is available for tangible friends.

As a watch practitioner, I was in the choice of the watch when the more rational and objective, I chose Rolex, not because of the rolex replica followers or listen to the people around the flick, but from my age from now to Rolex Understand that after years of understanding, Rolex most touched me is that all of its technical indicators are strict implementation of the industry’s highest standards even beyond the highest standards.

Let’s start with the case, Rolex in addition to Chelini, all the watches are used in a window called Oyster, after 80 years, have not had any big changes, but in some details On the changes in the times and do the replica watches uk corresponding fine-tuning, so that we think that professional watch should be like this, so now no matter which brand to launch the movement table, can more or less see the oyster-style shadow , The final fact that the appearance of no change in the



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