Buffett’s holdings

Buffett’s holdings of traditional corporate stocks, embrace the Internet, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and other technology stocks marks the beginning of its investment transformation.

Reducing Wells Fargo shares can not say that there is no such consideration. July 2016, due to Wells Fargo’s stock repurchase, Berkshire’s stake in Wells Fargo reached 10% of the threshold, the application to the replica watches uk  Federal Reserve, hope to be allowed to maintain the current level of holdings, and may for investment purposes Continue to hold shares of Wells Fargo. But less than a year to eat it. As long as the Wells Fargo in the investment and the outlet, the regulation of the red line is unable to stop Buffett’s. The key is science and technology to block the Buffett investment in the pace of traditional banks.

We are no longer bush, but go rolex replica straight to the subject. The trend of the world is going to center. Centralized transactions are a technological change that allows users to trade on this platform with an authorization code, which can lead to individual and individual transactions, P2P loans, and so on. The bank will no longer exist. Traditional banks in the center of the  replica watches financial transformation of science and technology, often reflect the slow, and even rest on its laurels, conservative and backward,

This two-year commercial bank is not good, only bad; business struggling, deteriorating. This is just the beginning, the point-to-point direct financing of science and technology will make the traditional bank or be completely marginalized. Investors have not come from the bank to withdraw from the institutions to achieve what? Perhaps the Buffett investment team has been the first to start a strong.



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