For the Chinese stock

For the Chinese stock market, the current SFC is not easy to reduce the pace of IPO, because the audit system is now in the replica watches reform system overdue period, if the hurry to suspend, then the stock market “financing function” means loss. While the authorities are hoping for better capital markets to serve the real economy. At the same time in the fight against the stock market chaos process, it will not slow down the steps, if there is no fair and equitable investment environment, small and medium investors only cut off the leek, then who would come back to A-share market investment? So, with others looking forward to save you, it is better to find ways to self-help, this is the best policy.

I believe that with the registration system in the A-share market to promote the current capital market, there are thousands of stocks to make a major adjustment, is the return of the valuation, is a squeeze bubble process. Now, in addition to the broader market blue chips, the GEM, small plates and other stocks are very high bubble, and some stocks price-earnings ratio reached 60,70 times, or even hundreds of times. In such a speculative market in the game, as long as the external policy of a change, the burst of stocks burst at any time may occur. At present, the majority of A shares of the stock bubble is far from crowded, expect regulators to save the market, it is difficult to achieve much effect.

First, since this year the central bank continued to tighten the currency, so far the attitude has remained unchanged. Although the central bank in April to expand the table about 400 billion, but one of the replica watches uk most important bank reserve assets fell again 250 billion, and since May the central bank put on intermittent, which means that the money market as a whole tight, the overall upward trend in monetary interest rates Has been formed. From the March data, bank lending rates have picked up a significant recovery, which means that follow-up monetary tightening will continue to conduct to the real economy.

Second, in addition to the central bank tightened monetary policy, the other three will not reach the regulatory inflection point. The first four months of this year, the Commission issued a total of 45 penalties, some of the swiss replica watches stock market chaos to rectify, so many evil village collective escape. At the same time, the CIRC in order to “reduce leverage, control risk”, increased the risk of listing the requirements of listed companies, so that insurance funds into the market slowed down significantly.



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