overcame all human

2016, is known as the first year of artificial intelligence, because in this year the Artificial Intelligence Alpha Dog overcame all human Go master, whose intelligence broke the human creativity limit. At that time, the world’s top players Li Shishi and AlphaGo game news, the Chinese chess replica watches uk Sheng Nie Weiping first reaction is: “computer and people race, the computer is not a chance. I am very firm position, Google is speculation.” The final outcome has let Nie Weiping speechless, “AlphaGo under the fifth strokes in the Go book is not there. No one to go there, it will be their own innovation!” Nie Weiping said: “I am very shocked, it is not only powerful, And it is particularly powerful, and its level is clearly above the highest level of human professional players. “” I should call it ‘A teacher’ because it is constantly making progress. Every day, Millions of games, we can play thousands of games in this life.
Although artificial intelligence has demonstrated its strong creative potential and rapid development trend, but for the vast majority of ordinary people, the feeling of artificial intelligence we are still very far away, no one thought to quickly change, take precautions to deal with the upcoming society crisis. So, you can see a strange phenomenon, the concept of rolex replica “artificial intelligence” in the academic world, the business community was fried in full swing, but people’s life is still repeating yesterday’s inertia, school district room continued to be fried high, the school is still Following the old educational model, the organizational structure of enterprises is still a model of the industrial age, the government civil service recruitment or overcrowding …
The terrible crisis of social change is that everyone is like a small fish in the river, before the arrival of the torrents, we can not jump to the swiss replica watches shore to avoid, can not drill into the mud hidden, can only wait for the waves beat, In the past live, not to die in the past!

The ancients said: big faint in the DPRK, a small faint in the wild. But the occasion of the advent of natural disasters, many places the most unsafe, herd from the most unsafe, because the days of killing, killing is the majority.



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