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Objectively, the United States established the world’s most developed virtual economic credit value production capacity, but the private ownership of the land, limiting the public entity economic credit value of the production and accumulation of virtual economic credit value production capacity of the lack of adequate effective support. The contradiction between productivity and production, the contradiction between productivity and production is the inevitable source of the financial crisis. The virtual economy credit value industry of the United States only cooperates with the Chinese government and related enterprises to jointly develop China’s huge public entity economic credit value Resources, to the global sale of credit value of the production of advanced products – territorial securities, the establishment of “credit value of the global production of the Commonwealth,” the completion of the “credit value of globalization to share economic cycle”, through the Sino-US government jointly established “Sino-US high-end Service industry free trade area “to jointly create the international public capital production methods, the establishment of” credit value of the global industrial chain “in order to promote China and the United States a high degree of economic development and mutually beneficial integration.

The goal of this paper is to create a new concept of “international public capital production” (a new concept derived from “credit value theory”), and the farther goal is to expand this mode of production as “global public replica watches uk capital production” This mode of production gradually replaces (displaces) the way of private capital production, although the dominant forces of swiss replica watches this mode of production co-founded by China and the United States can not be separated from the participation of the Chinese government-led social capital production and the US-led private capital production The Chinese government’s leading force in order to more effectively achieve the strategic objectives.

The production factors of “international public capital production mode” mainly come from China, natural China can benefit from it, and strive to safeguard their own interests and economic security, “international public capital production mode” investment from the global public securities investors, the United States led Of the global financial system can play an important role in the natural and multinational financial groups naturally have to strive for and safeguard their own interests, although there will be conflicts between the interests of all parties, but only to  rolex replica achieve compromise and balance, the parties only to form a community of interests and Fate of the community, the entire system to normal operation, the interests of all parties can be achieved. This kind of production can be established and run up, that is, a great progress in human history.

The capitalists of “international public capital production” are international public, although they are not directly involved in production management, but their investment will determine the future rules of business activities, to establish a new relationship of production and distribution. As the birth of the original private capital production has revolutionary historical significance, the birth of “international public capital production” has the same significance.



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