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In other words, from the current situation in China’s real estate market, although the central and again and again stressed that “the house is living, not used to speculation” on the real estate market re-positioning principle, although the central government And again stressed the need to establish a long-term mechanism of China’s real estate market, but for the local government, said return, do it. Local governments are more concerned about the current situation of the real estate market continues, in particular, so that the current prices do not fall continued. Because, in order to ensure that the local government’s GDP growth, to ensure that the local government’s land finance. Otherwise, house prices fall, housing speculation speculators out of the market, the local government will feel that they will be quite unfavorable. Therefore, the local government launched a series of short-term administrative real estate market regulation and control policies, in addition to restrictions on commercial real estate will cause a serious blow, the real estate market speculation speculation, limit, limit, Do not worry about the impact of these regulatory policies on their investment, because these control policies will not lead to falling house prices, as long as prices do not fall, they are still in a different way into the market.
However, if you insist on housing to return to the residential function, the real estate market regulation and control policies have to replica watches uk speculation on the real estate market to engage in and after the restrictions rather than only the current short-term administrative restrictions, you have to use severe economic leverage To curb the behavior of speculation in housing speculation, we must resolutely remove the housing to make money function to rolex replica make money effect. If this is not the case, as long as the purchase of housing profitable, whether it is short-term transaction to obtain benefits, or long-term transactions to obtain benefits, then want to let the housing investment speculators do not swiss replica watches enter the real estate market is impossible. If the housing investment speculators are still influx of the market, and even now not influx, after a year or two after the influx, then the Chinese real estate market to return to the road of healthy development is impossible. This may be to determine the current and future China’s real estate market situation is the key.



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