It is generally

 It is generally believed that the European feudal system was formed in the 8th century; the 11th century began to shape; after two replica watches uk hundred years is the heyday; after the middle of the 13th century, the royal power and the feudal system gradually decline, but the impact is still traces at all levels in Europe.

In the world outside Europe, the concept of the feudal system is generally used only for analogies (known as “semi-feudalism”), most commonly used to discuss Japan under the warlord rule. However, some people compared the feudal system to the Indian River Basin (feudal India), which is attached to the replica watches ancient African Ethiopian, Ancient Egypt, Patti Empire, feudal system, and even the 19th century American Southern (southern American history) The

The earliest use of Feudal was the British and French lawyers of the 17th century (1614), which were used to refer to such a system that it was rapidly disappearing or completely disappeared. Feudal system prevailing period, no authors have used this word. The feudal system comes from the French “féodalisme”, the word made during the French revolution. This word is derogatory and is used to describe any statute or custom that is considered unfair or outdated. Most of these decrees or customs are more or less related to the medieval fiefing system (Latin: Feudum, first appeared in a Frankish literature in AD 884), and thus synthesized as a single noun.

The feudal system is a political form, but it is closely related to the domination of the land. The Roman Empire In the past, the land rent was based on the size of the land rather than the harvest. This makes many farmers displaced during the years of drought. In this economic pressure, many farmers will own their land dedicated to the landlord, by the free people turn into a tenant. The landlord who receives the land guarantees the right to use the land peasants. So one swiss replica watches has the “ownership” and the other is “the right to use”. Farmers no longer need to be taxed. These big ones are usually royal privileged classes that do not have to pay taxes, and in order to guarantee such an agreement, there is a “Precarium” contract. Large land acquisition, and farmers can not worry about tax. And this form of contract more derived from the “land contract” (Precaria remunerate) and “thanks to the contract” (Precaria data) these two contracts. These forms of contract have become the legal basis of this land domination. And Dai Ke Li first frozen a variety of industries, farmers can not change the land, but also to make this system down.



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